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Finding Walt Disney

Sep 28, 2019

In this Halloween episode I talk with world-renowned author and psychic-medium Michael J. Kouri about his book 'The Ghost of Walt Disney and Me'. Michael is a famed psychic-medium who has authored more than 70 books as of the publishing date of this podcast. 

We discuss everything from Michael's book to his experiences with the ghost of Walt Disney and his many interactions with dozens of people and celebrities who knew Walt in life, including Lillian Disney, Diane Disney-Miller, Roy E. Disney, Ray Bradbury, Mae West and many, many others. 

Michael has appeared as a guest on dozens of television series around the world and has served as psychic-medium consultant on film and television projects at most of the major networks and studios. When he is not writing or appearing on television, Michael conducts 'Haunted Tours' of some of the most iconic haunted locations throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. 

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